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• In the Disrupters for Good podcast, the facilitator interviews Kyle Parsons, Founder and CEO of Indosole, on how he will grow his sustainable footwear company toward social impact. 

• How can donors help support entrepreneurs like Kyle Parsons? 

Read about other companies' charitable and sustainable models. 

In Episode 11 of the Disruptors for Good podcast I speak with Kyle Parsons, the Founder and CEO of Indosole, a leader in social impact and on a quest to become the most sustainable footwear company in the world.

Indosole takes old tires that would otherwise contribute to Indonesia’s massive landfill problem, and transforms them into beautiful sandals and shoes through a production process that is organic, toxic free, and environmentally sustainable. Not only that – the process provides dignified work to many in Indonesia

For a decade now Indosole has strived to be the environmental keepers of the future. They have successfully merged artisan skill with social impact, developing a custom shoemaking process that transforms tires to shoe soles by hand. Through this crafted concept and forward thinking, Indosole has been able to save over 100K+ tires from landfills, but to have a mass scale environmental impact a breakthrough technology was needed.

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