I'm sure you've seen tons of articles over the past few weeks with suggestions on how to make the most of your Black History Month.

Maybe you learned something about supporting Black-owned businesses, uncovering overlooked Black historical figures, or even getting involved with (or amplifying existing) social media challenges. I hope you took some of those suggestions and made this month count.

But here's a novel idea: What if I told you that you could celebrate Black excellence and accomplishments beyond February?

As a Black American, I'm happy to see white people and other people of color taking an interest in honoring the occasion. But it's disheartening to see the way our existence is overlooked during the other months of the year.

"There's no time limit to supporting the Black community."

If you're wondering how you can take this momentum with you throughout the rest of the year, I got you. Here are just a few ways to transform Black History Month into a year-long celebration:

  1. Keep learning
  2. Keep growing
  3. Pay it forward
  4. Diversify your support
  5. See us as individuals

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