If you’re a public radio listener, you've likely been asked to support your local station on a recurring basis. And, you’ve probably received an email (or two) from your favorite charity asking you to deepen your commitment by turning your annual gift into a monthly one. This concept of automatically donating on a monthly basis is considered sustaining giving - think sustainable support.

Do you feel like there’s a growing movement among the charities hitting your inbox and airwaves to encourage monthly giving? You’re not wrong. Over the last few years, charities have embraced the value and benefits of sustaining gifts and vocalized it to their supporters.

Here’s why you should consider “making it monthly” the next time you’re asked:

1. For the Charity: There’s a very practical reason your favorite organization has asked you to consider turning your annual gift into a monthly one: stability.

For a long time, charities have primarily relied on the last few weeks of the calendar year to bring in the lion’s share of their annual operating budgets. Fundraising teams spend months working on crafting perfect year-end campaigns that will stand out in your crowded mailbox or inbox and remind you of the important work they’re doing and your connection to their causes. They hold their breath as the clock ticks closer to 11:59 p.m. on December 31 to determine if they’ll hit their revenue goal for the year.

2. For You: Practically speaking, monthly giving is easier to fold into your budget than a one-time gift. It allows you to choose an amount that works for you and ensures you’re doing your part to support your favorite cause all year long.

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