Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for Neighborhood Funders Group, Ryan Li Dahlstrom urges individuals to be themselves and bring their values to the table when it comes to philanthropy and grantmaking.

· Why is it important for philanthropists to recognize the different identities and communities within their work? How does 'being your full self' improve grantmaking?

· Learn about relational philanthropy and collaboration with grantees.

Often times in philanthropic spaces we are not encouraged to bring our whole selves—to share and reflect on how our identities and values as people and as funders intersect. This year, during my first time attending the Neighborhood Funders Group (NFG) convening, I was thankful to be able to bring my full self, as both a funder and an organizer, to the experience.

I see my role in philanthropy as helping to redistribute resources from a reparations framework. I know it is a privilege to be in these spaces and I feel an incredible responsibility and accountability to my communities to share back learnings, help make connections, and serve as a bridge of information and knowledge between philanthropy and grassroots communities.

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