Giving Compass' Take:

B the Change honors top corporations that are improving the lives of their customers and achieving high social impact along the way. Some of the businesses leaders share their approach as to how they accomplish goals for their organization. 

How can other organizations emulate the same patterns and perspectives in order to achieve social impact?

Learn about five inspiring social impact trends.

All successful companies put their customers first, but Best For the World: Customers honorees seek to improve their customers live in measurable ways. Honorees score in the top 10 percent in the customers section of the B Impact Assessment, which is administered by B Lab to qualify a for-profit business as a Certified B Corporation. Many Customers honorees focus on underserved populations or provide products or services that solve a social or environment issue.

We asked several Best For The World: Customers companies to share their insights into how businesses and business leaders can care for the planet while achieving business success. Below are some of their responses.

  • Guild Education: Guild Education pioneered an approach to offering education as a benefit, providing greater access to education for the 64 million U.S. working adults who have yet to earn a college degree. All of our certificates and credentials stack into college degrees and programs valued by the market and the workforce.
  • Caspian Impact Investment Adviser Private Limited: We work with a clear mandate to achieve positive social and environmental impact in our work. So, we provide equity and debt funding to companies that work in high-impact sectors and encourage them to track metrics of their social and/or environmental impact.
  • NorthStar Asset Management Inc.: As a socially progressive investment firm, we use shareholder activism to encourage companies to protect employees, communities, and the environment. Many of our efforts center on the intersection of environmental issues, human rights, economic inequality, and racial justice.

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