Giving Compass' Take:

• The Funders Network shares action steps for funders who want to work to ensure that the 2020 census is a fair and accurate count of people living in America. 

• Are you ready to get engaged in the 2020 census? Who in your area is already working on this issue? 

• Read advice for family foundations that want to tackle the census

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the U.S. Census.

In addition to informing the distribution of political representation, census data is the basis for allocation of more than $600 billion in federal aid to states, localities, and families each year, and guides investments by state and local government as well as private entities.

Historically, the census has undercounted poor and marginalized populations, and a number of added factors may prevent a full and accurate census count in 2020.

Through their communications, convening, and grantmaking powers, funders have been proactively involved in ensuring an accurate census count.

TFN is sharing this round-up of initial actions funders can take to help ensure an accurate and equitable collection of census data.

  • Join the Funders’ Census Initiative (FCI) Working Group.
  • Download the Census Counts Campaign Toolkit.
  • Secure your organization’s commitment to the census.
  • Connect with other funders in your state, region, or local area.
  • Get involved in your State Complete Count Committee (CCC), or encourage state officials to form and fund one.
  • Convene your grantees and develop your ground game.

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