The U.S. Census is an important democratic tool that has implications for federal funding, accurate representation in Congress, and support for underserved communities. As April 1, 2020 - or Census Day - approaches, philanthropy has an opportunity to make an impact. To understand more about the U.S. Census and philanthropy's role, read more:

The census directs hundreds of billions of federal dollars to hospitals, infrastructure projects, and education each year, exerting unparalleled influence on students, educators, and schools.

The 2010 U.S. Census failed to count almost 1 million children younger than age 5. These weren’t the only kids who were missed.* The decennial census also historically undercounts children of color as well as kids in low-income and immigrant families. Despite the vital importance of the census, we face another potential undercount of young children in 2020 — a problem that’s grown in magnitude with every census since 1980. If the 2020 numbers are wrong, we will live with the consequences for 10 years.

Collaborating Toward an Accurate Count

These philanthropic bodies are building networks to ensure an accurate Census count. Some of them are merging to form strong coalitions with an aligned mission for accuracy, while others provide essential resources for groups to catalyze action. Below is a list of entities working toward a better count, and a better future:

Take Action for An Accurate Count of the 2020 Census

Donors can take action now to help ensure an accurate Census count. Here are some action steps from the Funder’s Network: