Giving Compass' Take:

• Four CEOs leading organizations in New Profit's Personalized Learning Initiative discuss the trends and growth of personalized learning instruction in education. 

• How can donors support organizations that are making strides with personalized learning initiatives?

• Read about the benefits of personalized learning. 

Personalized learning is one of the frontier movements in education with massive potential, but making sense of the term, the moment of opportunity, and the future of the field is challenging. Four CEOs leading organizations in New Profit’s Personalized Learning Initiative gathered on stage at SXSW EDU 2019 in Austin, TX to share their insights on the field and talk about what it’s like to be a CEO in the fast-paced and evolving world of personalized learning.

These four CEOs had a dynamic discussion exploring key questions that they are individually and collectively tackling as leaders of national organizations in the personalized learning space.

What trends are you seeing in the personalized learning space - locally, nationally, internationally? What are you most excited by?

Susan Patrick, iNACOL: “You can see in the U.S. we’re just getting started here. We’re just starting to pull apart the structures and the cultures to say what it means per person for every student to have a powerful learning pathway where we are bridging learning inside and outside of schools and we’re giving students the flexibility and supports to make sure they have mastery while meeting their interests and holistic needs.”

How are you thinking about building the capacity of your organization to ensure you are poised for growth and impact?

Elisabeth Stock, PowerMyLearning: “For us, we went from an organization where we were able to collect data more on an annual basis. When you’re collecting data annually, your continuous improvement cycle is once a year. Now we’re in a world thanks to some new innovations we’ve done where we are actually collecting data continuously so our cycle can be much faster.

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