The Deworm the World Initiative works in close partnership with governments around the world to eliminate the public health threat of worms by supporting the scale-up of school-based mass deworming programs. In 2017, we maintained outstanding program reach. GiveWell named the Deworm the World Initiative a top-rated charity for the fifth year in a row, stating that it is recommended as "a program with a strong track record and excellent cost-effectiveness."

This year, we supported governments to target over 275 million children for deworming across India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Nigeria, a significant contribution towards achieving the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global goal of treating 75% of the 836 million children considered at-risk.

Program Milestones:

  • In Ethiopia, we work with the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) to provide technical assistance to the government’s Schistosomiasis and STH Control Program.
  • In Kenya, we have provided technical assistance and fiscal management support to the government’s national school-based deworming activities since 2012.
  • In Nigeria, we provide technical assistance to four states while working with the federal government’s health and education leaders to strengthen and coordinate its national deworming strategy.
  • In Vietnam, we partnered with Thrive Networks and the Government of Vietnam to conduct the third round of school-based deworming.

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