Young Americans are most concerned about stopping school shootings (82 percent), reducing gun violence and mass shootings (72 percent), and protecting access to clean water and fresh air (72 percent), a report from Murmuration—a political strategy organization founded by Emma Bloomberg—and the Walton Family Foundation finds.

The report, Looking Forward with Gen Z: A Gen Z Research Report (36 pages, PDF), found that while economic issues related to inflation and the cost of living weigh on Gen Z, young people between the ages of 15 and 25 are focused on guaranteeing a quality education (71 percent), preserving individual rights and freedoms (67 percent) alongside dealing with the mental health crisis, and ensuring health care as a right.

According to the report, Gen Z is almost twice as likely to battle depression and feelings of hopelessness (42 percent) as people over age 25 (23 percent). Described as “working to live,” Gen Z values greater harmony between work and home life (61 percent), feeling passionate about their efforts (60 percent), and feeling valued (52 percent). In addition, Gen Z does not believe large institutions and those in power are listening to their concerns—only 26 percent of respondents saw philanthropic organizations “doing an excellent or good job listening,” only 24 percent for global companies, 20 percent for government generally, and 18 percent for elected officials. Gen Z respondents were ambivalent as to whether their local schools prepared them well to succeed in life: While 51 percent believe they are prepared well, only 16 percent indicate they are being prepared “very well.”

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