Giving Compass' Take:

• Harry Fox argues that effective altruisms is gaining more and more momentum and explains how to hone in the message of your mission to attract the right donors. 

• Does effective altruism align with your charitable goals and values? 

Here's how philanthropists have changed the world through effective altruism. 

Proponents of so-called “effective altruism,” also known as strategic giving, have gained footing in recent years. That’s evidenced by the growing role of organizations like GiveWell and The Life You Can Save, which help so-called effective altruists select organizations to support. That help is based on objective data about the organizations’ effectiveness at helping others.

As more information on results becomes available, not-for-profits will need to adjust some of their reporting and marketing practices to better appeal to the altruists. Take some steps now to focus your message on your impact.

To appeal to effective altruists, you first must understand what drives them. Effective altruism doesn’t focus on how effective a not-for-profit is with its funds. Rather, it looks at how effective donors can be with their money and time. Instead of being guided by what makes them feel good, altruists use evidence-based data and effective reasoning to determine how to help others the most.

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