Giving Compass' Take: 

•  The Kellogg Foundation is spearheading an initiative where parents are taking active roles in their children's education helping foster better relationships with teachers, principals, and encourage their children to be more comfortable in the classroom.

• Would you want to implement programs like this in your own children's school system? How closely do you believe parent engagement is to making children feel more comfortable in their schools?

• Parent engagement in school is already happening and encouraged in schools through ESSA models. 

Anna Hightower discovered a new world of information on being a better parent as a participant in the Detroit main district’s new initiative to empower parents, the Parent Teacher Home Visit Program.

It’s part of a sweeping initiative led by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which announced a three-year, $3 million grant Wednesday with the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. The initiative also includes a parent academy which will serve 7,000 parents, and a summer camp for up to 900 pre-kindergartners starting in the fall.

“I see now that DPS is not just a school for my daughter, but also a GPS,” she said.  “They see where my daughter wants to be, they know the destination and give her the opportunity to see the different routes she can go. They encouraged me as a parent to foster her growth as well.”

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said rebuilding the district must include making parents stronger advocates for their children’s education.  He said he envisions a “critical mass of parents” in every school who will hold the district accountable for its performance: They will demand certified teachers. They will understand how to help their child get a higher SAT test score, complete a financial aid application and help their children become better readers.

Parents will be able to take classes on topics such as resume writing, scholarships, and college placements tests. The Parent Academy training will be held in schools, libraries, community centers and places of worship across the city.

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