Giving Compass' Take:

• Klaus Milke, at Alliance Magazine, summarizes the results of a virtual event urging foundations to collaborate and equitably address climate and COVID-19.

• Why does addressing climate and COVID-19 require foundations to interact without friction? How are you collaborating to address climate and COVID-19 alongside those inside your sector and out?

• Read about the importance of supporting nonprofits as they struggle to support communities during the pandemic.

Continuity, the readiness for cooperation, credibility and a real convening power were cornerstones demonstrated by the platform Foundations 20 at the ‘F20 Climate Solutions Week’ from September 14-17.

The online format – due to the COVID 19 pandemic – worked well because F20 ensured for sufficient participation opportunities in the virtual room. This involved parallel discussion groups, participants offering contributions via the chat function as well as a virtual meeting room in the break and at the end for further networking.

Most important was the clear understanding that philanthropists and foundations should play a credible and ambitious role in a transformation that leaves no one behind and that they should address the challenges as strong agents for change.

Speakers included Neila Farouky from the Arabic Foundation Centre, Naina Batra, CEO of AVNP, the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network and Ronald Cohen from the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment. This broad discussion encouraged different professional communities to expand their perspectives. Nobody can solve the problems and challenges alone.

In the spirit of ‘More Resilience – Recovering Better’, the foundations of the F20 platform concluded its fourth High-Level Event last week  by issuing a communiqué listing 14 detailed recommendations to the Heads of State, Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors of the G20 countries.

The document states that the more than 60 partners of the F20 platform are fully engaged in addressing the negative effects of the Covid-19 crisis and highlights the close relationship with the global climate and biodiversity crisis and the need to transform the global food and health systems.

Read the full article about how foundations can address climate and COVID-19 by Klaus Milke at Alliance Magazine.