Our Vice President for Policy and Strategic Initiatives unpacks five key global issues to watch in 2022, laying out both the challenges and opportunities of global cooperation in ensuring an equitable, sustainable global response and recovery.

As if 2020 and 2021 weren’t unpredictable and challenging enough, there is no doubt that 2022 will be another year of tests: from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to worsening climate impacts, devastating humanitarian crises, and the continued unraveling of hard-won gains on everything from curbing poverty to closing the gender divide. The coming year will also test our commitment and resolve in our ability to galvanize and build trust within and across communities to address the multitude of challenges that demand we work together.

In the year ahead, here are five key issues to watch.

  1. COVID-19 response and recovery remain paramount. 
  2. Poverty reduction, the promise of leaving no one behind, and the SDGs.
  3. Accelerating climate ambition, impact, and accountability.
  4. Propelling urgent action on gender equality and the rights of girls and women.
  5. Growing humanitarian rights and conflicts. 

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