Giving Compass' Take:

• Philanthropic advisor Dawn Franks explores the significance of funding community change through coalitions, alliances, and partnerships. 

• Would you consider embracing coalitions and collaborative funding strategies to make an impact in your community? 

• Learn more about the onset of giving circles. 

A Tale of Two Cities — oh, I meant Two Coalitions. Besides the name has already been taken and I can’t begin to write as eloquently as Charles Dickens. But I can give it my best shot at being succinct about the importance of paying attention to change work going on in your community.

Communities are always in a state of change — good or bad. It’s when people come together with a shared passion for a cause and put in countless hours dreaming, talking, and planning that they get better. Groups focused and intentional about change, the kind that makes our communities better places to live, eventually need donors.

Today I’m not thinking about the countless organizations delivering direct services to individuals and families who need help in all sorts of ways. I am thinking about coalitions, alliances, and partnerships.

Coalitions, alliances, and partnerships are unique. They often involve many different people, agencies, and organizations. Sometimes they are simple, sometimes complicated. In any event, they often do not incorporate.

How can you support the group's work with a donation?

  • Look for an intermediary, a nonprofit organization that has agreed to accept donations to fund their work
  • Find out if a bank has agreed to accept funds directly in their name for a short period
  • Donate services, supplies, meeting space
  • Underwrite the cost of beverages, snacks or lunch
  • Ask “How can I help?”
  • Be creative

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