It would feel disingenuous for me to go about as if the arbitrary transition of one calendar year to another somehow magically ended multiple ongoing genocides in Gaza, Sudan, Congo, Tigray, and other places in the world. Instead, I have hopes and wishes for all of us and our sector this year. In spite of everything, or more likely because of everything, I am still optimistic of the role we play in creating a just and equitable world. For 2024, in no particular order:

  1. May we have a better understanding of and healing from our personal and community traumas.
  2. May we build upon our courage and take courageous actions in the face of fear, risk, and uncertainty.
  3. May we remember and put into practice the lessons we gained in the past when it comes to equity and justice.
  4. May we make further progress on DEI, building on the foundations we’ve laid in prior years.
  5. May we remember those who have fought for justice in the past and lean on their strength.
  6. May we free ourselves from the superficial and distracting to focus on what would be most helpful to our communities.
  7. May our moral compass always be true and our values of equity and justice unwavering.
  8. May we have the resources, trust, and autonomy to do what is needed.
  9. May we find and retain joy and humor while doing this difficult and vital work.
  10. May we achieve all the above with an imagination that is hopeful and expansive.

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