We have been exploring how authentic public presentations of learning may lead to increased student engagement and why a campaign called Share Your Learning has been advocating for more teachers, schools, districts, and organizations to commit to sharing student learning.

We encourage all schools and teachers to commit to making student learning public, but organizations can also play a vital role in helping students share.

Many schools and districts across the country are partnering with community organizations to bring their knowledge and expertise into the classroom. We invite you to explore your local community to see if there are organizations that can help you encourage your students to share. Even if organizations like the one mentioned in this post don’t exist in your area, consider inviting community members to your students’ learning presentations.

Communities can play an active role in promoting student’s sharing their learning, whether it’s by attending exhibition nights, participating in presentations of learning, or even developing in-classroom activities aimed towards getting students to share, there are many avenues an organization can take.

Share Your Learning invites organizations to partner in the campaign to help promote the importance of students sharing their learning. Story Works Alaska is new to the Share Your Learning campaign, but they are not new to working with educators in Alaska to increase the number of students publically sharing their stories.

The mission of Story Works Alaska is to “help youth develop skills, resilience, and engagement as they explore and share their own stories. The organization believes in the importance of listening, the protective value of connection, and the power of stories to foster resilience.”

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