Giving Compass' Take:

• A campaign called Share Your Learning encourages school districts to publicly share student learning. This can take the form of exhibitions and student-led conferences.

• How does project-based learning promote student engagement more than traditional models of learning? How can we support more project-based learning? 

• See project-based learning in action from the Buck Institute of Education. 

When students have the opportunity to participate in meaningful, relevant, and authentic projects we know that their engagement in their learning is likely to increase. But engagement goes beyond just participation, it extends to what happens once students complete the project. Do students have the opportunity to have ownership, and a sense of pride, that comes along with sharing their work publically?

A campaign called Share Your Learning is focused on making that opportunity a reality and exists to encourage teachers, schools, districts, and organizations, to commit to public presentations of student learning. Some of our favorite ways to engage students in sharing their learning are exhibitions and student-led conferences and during our recent school visits, we’ve seen great examples of both.

Katherine Smith students were preparing for exhibitions during our 2017 visit. Screencasting presentations were being uploaded to YouTube and kindergarten students were getting prepared for book presentations. Quality work products were on also on display in every classroom, and the school believes in student-led conferences.

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