The day started normally. Two generations of family members gathered around a table for the annual meeting, intent on making giving decisions for the small family foundation. While only six of us, we represented many roles. Sisters, husbands, daughters, a niece and me, the outsider in this family system, had a lot of work in front of us and a deadline only a few hours away.

Back at our meeting, the niece, a member of the third generation, asked a question that led to the most important work of the entire day. She asked, “how does our giving as a family through this small foundation reflect the role of God and our faith?”

For the next half hour, the second generation leaned into the question with answers representing their own deeply held values and convictions. The young member took notes. We listened as she asked more questions and answers flowed.

I often write about the important role of parents and grandparents in raising generous children. This time, equally important, was the role of aunts and uncles. As she listened to their answers, I could almost see the wheels turning in her mind and knew she would be reflecting on the answers for some time to come.

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