Giving Compass' Take:

• In this podcast episode, Dani Nierenberg interviews Haile Thomas about educating the next generation on healthy eating and how young people are fortifying the broader sustainable food movement. 

• How can donors help support the urgency that young people are bringing to food sustainability efforts? 

• Read more on how youth are spurring change in the food system. 

Author and activist Haile Thomas is working to build the next generation of healthy, conscientious eaters.

“We really want [youth] to see food and cooking as something that can really permeate their everyday lives and be something that is super fun and accessible,” Thomas said at the 2018 NYC Food Tank Summit.

Thomas, 19, is the founder and CEO of the HAPPY Organization, a nonprofit that promotes mental and physical wellbeing in young people. Through school visits, a self-care summer camp, and a forthcoming online education platform, the organization strives to empower young people to become active and informed individuals.

On this week’s episode of “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” learn more about Thomas and the youth-led movements in the food system that are inspiring Food Tank.

Read the full article about youth are part of the food system by Elena Seeley at Food Tank.