Giving Compass' Take:

• Leading activists discuss the pivotal, underappreciated role women play in solving the hunger crisis, which also disproportionately impacts women and girls.

• How do certain systems of marginalization prevent women from the same access to agricultural opportunities as men? What are you doing to join the women and girls who are actively solving the hunger crisis?

• Learn about one program that is training others to help end starvation and hunger.

A recent report from CARE finds that the pandemic is disproportionately impacting women and girls. Around the world, many are eating smaller portions, facing limitations on their ability to farm, and have lost access to programs that allowed them to buy seeds and crops.

“Women tend to bear the brunt of hunger,” Dr. Maureen Miruka, Director for Gender, Youth & Livelihoods of CARE USA tells Food Tank.

Despite this, when CARE analyzed 73 global reports proposing solutions to the hunger crisis, nearly half failed to address women and girls.

CARE argues this must change and that gender equity is key to addressing hunger.

“[Women] are also key to the solutions,” Miruka tells Food Tank. “They are farmers, they are innovators, they are decision makers, they are leaders, and they need to be involved.”

This week’s episode of the podcast takes a closer look at the findings of the CARE Report and the role of women in agriculture.

Hear from Miruka as she discusses the impacts of COVID-19 on women farmers and women’s food access.

Then listen as farmer and author of Soil Sisters Lisa Kivirist discusses the role that women played in the United States’ agricultural history.  “We come from really strong roots of women who have cultivated soil [and] community,” Kivirist tells Food Tank.

And Maureen Muketha, founder of the food security organization Tule Vyema, talks solutions in Kenya. She speaks about the active role women play in developing food security in her community and the importance of building trust among those she works with.

Listen to the full podcast about women solving the hunger crisis with 'Elena Seeley' at Food Tank.