We all had to adapt and reinvent our plans and daily routines in 2020. For TEDx organizers around the world, this has been a challenge. While we realized we wouldn’t be able to organize TEDx events as we were used to, we were also convinced that “ideas worth spreading” were still, or even more so, relevant than ever.

Ideas help us understand different points of view, question our assumptions, inspire us to think of new solutions, and connect us to different ways of thinking, while reflecting on our human condition and provoking our next steps. At the same time, the stories and speakers behind each idea connect us to our shared humanity.

During the first few weeks of the pandemic, we at TEDxSãoPaulo were quiet. We felt we had to step back in order to see the bigger picture in a media landscape that was suddenly flooded by virtual happy hours, yoga classes, and cooking videos. We quickly came to realize that as content creators, we had an important role in our community. Our mission is not just to organize events, rather, it is to seek and share ideas worth spreading. And ideas don’t need auditoriums, theaters, or stages.

Due to social isolation measures, we had to adapt the ways we were used to host TEDx events. We played with different formats throughout 2020. TEDxSãoPaulo ended up organizing 18 online events in 2020. Some of these events, especially at the beginning, were entirely digital using the Zoom platform.

Then we started experimenting with hybrid formats, filming some TEDx talks in a studio while simultaneously streaming them on youtube and facebook. Two of our events were live-streamed on TikTok. We hosted a drive-in event in a soccer stadium, with three live audiences: some in their cars, others in a Zoom meeting, and others watching live on YouTube or Facebook. Over 120 TEDx talks will be published with the content we have created during 2020 at TEDxSãoPaulo.

Read the full article about TedxSãoPaulo by Elena Crescia for the Skoll Foundation.