Below are some examples of ways your organization can activate on #GivingTuesday. You are not limited to these ideas — the sky is the limit! As long as you are giving in some way, you are participating. The type of program that is right for you will likely depend on the size and scale of your organization. Don’t forget, you can also check for more ideas, trends and tips to start your #GivingTuesday initiative.

• Donate or organize a fundraiser for a nonprofit or a group of non-profits. Experiment with creative approaches to expand your donor base beyond your employees to raise more for charities around the world.

• Use #GivingTuesday as a launch pad to start a donation campaign that will run through the end of the year.

• Partner with a non-profit to host a matching gift challenge for #GivingTuesday. This could be a 24-hour challenge leading up to #GivingTuesday, or it could launch on #GivingTuesday and run through December 31.

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