Giving Compass' Take:

• NBC New York reports that state lawmakers are calling for the legalization of prostitution in a coordinated public outreach program. 

• How can funders help to create laws that protect potential victims of exploitation? 

• Learn how donors can make an impact on human trafficking

A number of New York state lawmakers are calling for the legalization of prostitution.

Senators Jessica Ramos, Julia Salazar and Brad Hoylman, as well as Assemblyman Richard Gottfried are working with Decrim NY to introduce a bill to rewrite the state’s penal code to decriminalize sex trades in the state of New York.

Decrim NY is a coalition to “decriminalize, decarcerate and destigmatize the sex trade in New York City and state.”

In a Daily News op-ed, Ramos and Salazar urged for the end of criminalization of sex work while Gottfried and Hoylman spoke out about the Decrim NY in a series of tweets where they expressed their support.

Read the full article about the legalization of prostitution at NBC New York.