Giving Compass' Take:

• University of Melbourne's Janhavi Karkera lists several books that promise to provide inspiration to social entrepreneurs, from tackling poverty to educating the world's children.

• How many of these are on your reading list? It's always a good idea for those engaged in all sectors of nonprofit work to keep a library with a broad range of voices handy.

• Read a list of books for people interested in environmental philanthropy.

As a social enterprise, our aim has always been to educate young minds and guide them to become social innovators. And what better way to learn and acquire knowledge than to read books?

To keep the ball rolling, we have listed some inspiring reads for aspiring social entrepreneurs. The beauty of this list lies in the fact that they are stories that enlighten you with real-life experiences and empathizing solutions. Isn’t that the kind of social entrepreneur you want to be?

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time
Author: Jeffrey D. Sachs

In The End of Poverty, Jeffrey D. Sachs addresses the issue of global poverty and carves out an ambitious approach to eradicate it by 2025 which involves participation from wealthy nations. He emphasizes on various standpoints concerning poverty; where he identified it as a local problem and thinks it is very limited to a few countries; he exposes the dichotomy of the organizations in the development world.

Mountains Beyond Mountains
Author: Tracy Kidder

The book is based on the contribution of physician and anthropologist Dr Paul Farmer beyond mountains are derived from a Haitian proverb. Tracy focuses on the determination and dedication that went into building a healthier and happier atmosphere to the poor in Haiti.

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