In 2015, airports around the world saw over 1.2 billion international check-ins. The hospitality and tourism industry is responsible for 920,000 tonnes in annual food waste, and an average of 15,000L of water used per month by a single hotel guest. How are we ever suppose to sustain an industry that consumes at an exponential rate?

Introducing Hara House, North India’s first zero waste guesthouse, with a goal of changing the way locals and travelers consume at home and abroad. 20% of all guest room and tour profits are reinvested in environmental action and education projects in North India through the Hara Innovation Fund. This social enterprise operates an onsite community hub, engaging local social entrepreneurs and provides resources, a workspace and funding for their initiatives.

Indian and Canadian duo, Manoj Gour and Jazzmine Lawton Raine, have put their heads together to intertwine their skills and passions to create Hara House. Their goal is to be a leader in responsible consumption, sustainable travel, and social good to positively impact the future of the hospitality and tourism industry in North India.

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