Maryland Nonprofits and the Center for Nonprofit Advancement are pleased to partner on this first ever regional report on the economic and social impact of nonprofit organizations in the State of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Virginia (“The Region”).

The contribution of non-profit organizations to our region’s economy often goes unnoticed. With 10 percent of the region’s workforce, second only to the retail sector, nonprofit organizations are a major driver of economic development and the common good. And this report shows that non-profit employment tends to be counter-cyclical, maintaining job growth and meeting increased demand for services during the recession while for-profit employment plummets.

The District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia have one of the most vibrant and engaged nonprofit sectors in the
country, providing 647,491 jobs, delivering an enormous range of services to citizens of the region through its 64,638 health
centers, education, social justice, museums, spiritual support, and other community organizations, and adding more than $112 billion directly to the region’s economy. While the region recovers from the recession, the demand for the services
nonprofits provide continues to grow. Nonprofits also continue to be affected by the decline in public spending and other
financial challenges. As such, it is of critical importance that the region’s residents, businesses, and government officials gain a greater awareness of how nonprofits impact our lives and our economy. This report aims to highlight the economic and social impact of the nonprofit sector and to demonstrate how essential nonprofits are to advancing the quality of life for all in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

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