Giving Compass' Take:

• Experts at convened by The Aspen Institute discuss the importance of centering job quality and racial equity for real pandemic recovery.  

• What role can you play in building a more equitable economy? 

• Read about assessing job quality and equity in your local market

We are living in a “double pandemic economy,” said Clair Minson, assistant vice president of talent development at the New Orleans Business Alliance, referring to both the economic devastation wrought by the pandemic and to systemic racial injustice. “We are not only continuing to deal with the impacts of COVID-19 on our economy and our lives personally and those that we are connected to, but we’re also dealing with the lingering and very current impacts of racism on communities of color, specifically Black workers.”

As businesses work towards reopening safely, heightened public awareness of the devastating impacts of systemic racism, particularly for the Black community, has pushed employers to assess and adapt their own workplace practices. How can workforce development professionals seize this opportunity to engage businesses in conversations about job quality and race equity?

On June 30, the Economic Opportunities Program joined a webinar convened by the New Orleans Business Alliance to discuss practical strategies to advance job quality and race equity as we navigate COVID-19 and rebuild the economy. The event was facilitated by Clair Minson and brought together Zuri Stone, director of student life at YouthBuild Philly, Robin Walker, learning exchange director at YouthBuild Philly, and Jenny Weissbourd, senior project manager at the Economic Opportunities Program.

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