2021 is a make or break year in the fight against climate change. This is the year in which countries need to deliver more ambitious commitments to cut their share of global greenhouse gas emissions in time for the COP26 conference, hosted by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow in November. It’s the year in which we need to grow the global coalition of governments, companies, and organizations committed to achieving net-zero emissions and make sure they back up those promises with concrete plans. It’s the year we must build back from COVID-19 in ways that put us on the path to overcome the climate crisis and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Through the Say It With Science initiative, the UN Foundation is equipping young climate advocates and activists everywhere with the best science and tools to combat misinformation and to explain the problem and the solutions. Talking about climate change plays a huge role in creating social change, and studies show that the most effective messengers on climate are not always the scientists themselves, or doctors, or politicians — it’s each other. The more we trust the messenger, the more concerned we feel about the problem and the more likely we’ll want to be part of the solution. By encouraging ordinary people to share what they know about how climate change works, we want to spark as many conversations about climate change as possible, grounded in a shared understanding of the problem, the threat, and the solutions.

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