It’s been seven years since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a bold, ambitious to-do list created to address economic, social, and environmental challenges and foster a better future for all by 2030. Countries around the world have embraced the Goals to varying degrees. In the U.S., the SDG story is one of contrasts. Many U.S. local governments, philanthropies, universities, and businesses are seen as global leaders and innovators in advancing the framework. However, the national government has not broadly incorporated the SDGs across its policies, though it played an important role in their creation, and the Goals have yet to take off among the public to the degree seen in other countries. Why is that? Is it because many Americans still do not know what the SDGs are, or do the Goals not resonate with Americans’ priorities?

To answer these questions, the UN Foundation partnered with Morning Consult to survey over 8,000 U.S. adults in May 2022. The survey found that while most Americans still do not know the SDGs by name, they agree that the framework and the issues captured within them matter to their communities and their country and are important for building a strong, resilient future.

Here are three things the survey revealed:

  1. The SDGs reflect the challenges and priorities Americans are experiencing today. 
  2. Most Americans still don't know the SDGs by name but recognize their potential value. 
  3. There is broad support for a regular report on SDG progress and national leadership. 

Read the full article about SDGs by Kait Pendrak, Oneika Pryce, and Krista Rasmussen at United Nations Foundation.