In the nonprofit world, there are subject matter experts, and there are leaders and organizations that connect and promote those experts. Independent Sector member Points of Light embodies both. Their civic engagement experts work to act as a bridge by connecting and convening.

Points of Light’s staff and partners include experts who are well versed in volunteerism, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and civic engagement research. We caught up with Points of Light to learn more about their work to connect the right people with the right opportunities to make a difference, both for individuals and for businesses at scale.

IS: How do you connect volunteers with opportunities?

POL: We believe that we’re in an era of sustained, meaningful civic engagement. Our role at Points of Light is to be a cultural catalyst and remove barriers to entry, so that everyone has the opportunity to live a fully engaged civic life. We show people how doing good comes in many forms.

This ideal is at the heart of the Points of Light Civic Circle, a framework that offers nine different pathways to civic engagement – from using your purchase power wisely to listening and learning about the issues to how to leverage your vote and more.

Volunteerism is where our mission began, but we know that the landscape for volunteering has shifted. Where it used to be an in-person proposition, now there are countless virtual opportunities. Points of Light Engage is the world’s largest digital hub for volunteering and community engagement. The platform allows individuals and groups to search for in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities that speak to their areas of interest and expertise.

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