Strengthening Democracy

The U.S. is facing several crises -- attacks on reproductive rights, assaults on democracy, and a widening racial wealth gap, to name a few. Donors can support grassroots efforts that work to ensure the people holding power represent the communities most impacted by injustice. Find your role in this essential work and connect with vetted organizations in this space.

We've partnered with Way to Win to bring you 501(c)(4) organizations, which can participate in unlimited lobbying activities, providing them with more tools to engage in policy change. These organizations often support powerbuilding in communities through advocacy and electoral work. Search here or use the state drop-down option. [Note: Organizations are sourced through trusted partners and networks that align with our core tenets. Read our vetting criteria.]

Power Building in Communities

When communities of color have a voice, power, and leadership roles, they can dismantle the systems that have led to inequity. Learn how you can support power building.

Access to Voting

The right to vote in local, state, and national elections is a vital piece of our democracy. If more people vote, our systems can better serve communities across the country. Learn more about efforts and organizations that are working to streamline and modernize our election system.

Civic Engagement

The picture of a strong democracy includes fair processes and empowered citizens, among other things. To ensure we have these components, organizations around the country are working on efforts to support everything from increased civic engagement to youth advocacy. Connect with them here.


A free press -- and informed and engaged citizens -- are crucial to a healthy democracy. How can we ensure our newsrooms, which are facing budget cuts, look like the communities they serve and rebuild Americans' trust? We're sharing resources here.


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