Using data from Project Tomorrow's Speak Up Research Project, a new report identifies three takeaways as evidence of potential significant, long-term impacts on K-12 educational models at large. Among the takeaways from “Digital Learning During the Pandemic: Emerging Evidence of an Education Transformation”:

  • Greater digital resource usage by teachers and students expands opportunities for defining rigor and quality of resources, and greater context for defining digital learning's value.
  • Parents have a stronger appreciation of digital learning as a mode of delivery for education as well as their role in the learning process at home.
  • Students' appreciation of technology as a learning tool has also grown, with recognition of new mediums for educational delivery and better learning environments for some.

In a news release, Project Tomorrow CEO Julie A. Evans said examining the Speak Up results from before and after spring school closures allows education researchers "to see in almost real time how the unexpected shift has altered not only teachers’ expectations for using technology within learning, but also parents’ perceptions on the value of digital learning and the impact of this experience on students’ aspirations for enhanced learning environments."

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