WhyWeRise is a social marketing campaign conducted by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) to promote community engagement with mental health issues, reduce barriers to care, and increase awareness of how to seek mental health care. LACDMH has partnered with the Los Angeles Dodgers for several years to expand the reach of the campaign to the Major League Baseball team's audience and spread the WhyWeRise messages to the Dodgers' extensive Hispanic fan base—a key county demographic with attitudes toward mental illness that sometimes differ from those of other ethnic groups. The LACDMH/Dodgers campaign focused on awareness of resources and stigma reduction among Hispanic county residents. This report builds on prior RAND work and provides an evaluation of the reach of the 2022 Dodgers campaign overall and a focus on the reach to (and potential impact of outreach on) attendees of 2022 Dodger games.

Results indicate that the Dodgers campaign reached a substantial percentage of Los Angeles County residents: 12 percent of adults and 27 percent of youth reported exposure to the campaign, translating to more than 800,000 adults and more than 400,000 youth reached. The campaign was effective in targeting Hispanic- or Latino-identifying residents, who made up 71 percent of youth who were campaign-exposed and 58 percent of adults exposed. In summary, there is evidence that the Dodgers campaign successfully reached Los Angeles County residents, particularly Hispanics and young adults, and that those reached were more aware of key county mental health resources.


  • LACDMH should continue its Dodgers outreach in future years in much the same way but attempt to alter messaging to effect deeper "hearts and minds" changes.
  • The county should continue providing the information about mental health resources that was (apparently) very effectively disseminated through the Dodgers campaign.

Read the full article about the L.A. Dodgers 2022 mental health campaign by Rebecca L. Collins, Nicole K. Eberhart, Ingrid Estrada-Darley, and Elizabeth Roth at RAND Corporation.