Mental Health

Mental health may be the next public health crisis in a post-COVID-19 world. It's also an opportunity for donors to support youth and BIPOC communities during this crucial moment and beyond. On this page, you'll find hand-picked information about those most affected by mental health challenges and vetted organizations to support.

Mental Health & COVID-19

More than a year after the the COVID-19 pandemic started, it continues to be a significant factor for mental health deterioration across age, ethnic, and racial groups. Learn about the opportunities for donors to engage in solutions.

Youth and Education

From increased isolation to learning loss, the pandemic's impact on young people can't be overlooked if we want them to thrive in the future. Discover how to invest in services for youth experiencing mental health challenges at various stages of their lives.

Who Are the Affected Populations?

While we've all likely felt some impact on our mental health during COVID-19, certain populations have been disproportionately affected. Learn more about these challenges, tailored solutions, and how you can help.