The past few years have put corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments through the wringer. In addition to the challenges of COVID-19, social justice movements, geopolitical unrest, and staff turnover, your CSR team is also probably trying to meet board demands, engage colleagues and community members, and align your strategies with an uncertain economic future.

So, what does 2023 look like for corporate social impact? How should the sector prepare for a troubled economy? Over the last month, we’ve chatted with dozens of CSR professionals. Here are the seven trends we heard in those conversations.

  • Trend 1: CSR and the Recession: How to Protect Your Social Impact Programs
  • Trend 2: Connecting ESG to Business Success in Spite of Backlash
  • Trend 3: More Public Interest, More Demands for Impact Data
  • Trend 4: Racial Justice and DEI: The buzz is gone, but the impact remains.
  • Trend 5: Focus on Outcomes over Proxy Metrics
  • Trend 6: Corporate Social Advocacy: The Importance of Taking a Stand
  • Trend 7: Stakeholder and Trust-Based Philanthropy: Giving the Power to the People

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