Giving Compass' Take:

• Ben Simon offers advice on how to gather feedback for effective social impact campaigns. 

• How can donors best utilize feedback in social change work? Where could feedback help you improve your work? 

• Check out the Giving Compass Power of Feedback Magazine.

The Mobilisation Lab is a global learning and collaboration network to equip progressive movements and leaders to adapt and thrive in the digital, people-powered era. A key aspect of that work is improving the way all of us in the social change world plan and implement campaigns so that those campaigns are much better grounded in the needs and motivations of the people we’re trying to inspire to take action.

Here are three ways we encourage folks planning campaigns to gather feedback throughout the campaign:

  • Use Audience Insights to Ground Your Campaign
  • Prototype Your Ideas as Early And Often as Possible
  • Constant adaptation throughout

The first step listed here — audience insights — was absolutely vital. The campaign team knew that tech workers were important, but viewed them as very different and foreign from themselves.

Read the full article about feedback to guide social change campaigns by Ben Simon at FeedbackLabs.