Giving Compass' Take:

• This article discusses ways companies and corporations around the world can expand their tools from traditional CSR towards striving to achieve a dual bottom line of profit and social good.

• The private sector is uniquely positioned to address social and environmental challenges of our time. How can donors help support this action?

Here's an article on businesses improving customers' lives through social impact. 


These are all synonyms for the word ‘impact’. In simple terms, to make an impact is to make an impression. In social impact terms, it is to make a lasting impression on social and environmental issues that are important to communities. Making an impact is a key component of corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagements that corporations use to seek to ensure sustainable models of change. And rightly so. If corporates pursue social impact without jolting, knocking, impressing, influencing or swaying the communities in which they work, how much difference can they hope to make?

I am personally passionate about CSR and sustainable models of corporate engagement and I am keen to hear more about how the pan-Asian social impact membership organization AVPN will ensure a clear and compelling focus on corporate impact at its 2019 Conference. A preliminary look at what some of its members are doing in this area is motivating.

Read the full article about social impact and corporations by Christina Ameln at AVPN.