Giving Compass' Take:

· Imogen Calderwood and Erica Sanchez at Global Citizen discuss YouTube's Creators for Change and how the platform is raising the voices of creators who are driving social change around the world. 

· How is the Creators for Change initiative making a difference? How can donors contribute to initiatives that are driving social change? 

· Learn more about the ways technology is transforming social innovation.  

All around the world, there are tech-savvy young people trying to get their voices heard — to raise awareness of the social issues they personally are facing, to spark conversations, and find solutions.

All they need is a platform.

That’s why YouTube launched Creators for Change back in 2016, a global initiative dedicated to amplifying and multiplying the voices of role models around the world.

It aims to spotlight inspirational creators who work to spark conversations and make a positive impact on the world.

The creators are essentially YouTube content creators, who are using their channels to tackle difficult social issues — everything from race and gender identities, to combating hate speech, to countering xenophobia and extremism, to simply making the case for greater tolerance and empathy towards others.

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