Giving Compass' Take:

• The CEO of NGO Heartlines, Dr. Garth Japhet and his sister, created ForGood, an online platform and marketplace for charitable giving. 

• Will the emergence of more online giving platforms increase the number of philanthropists?

• Read more about how the age of social giving is changing. 

ForGood is an online platform that connects passionate people with the organisations that need their support.  The platform is basically online dating, but for donors and those in need of donations. It’s a “social marketplace” where skills, goods, services, and information can easily be offered and asked for.

“We are about matchmaking — for good,” says ForGood on its website. It’s all the brainchild of Soul City founder and current CEO of multimedia NGO Heartlines, Dr. Garth Japhet and his sister, according to news site the Daily Maverick.

Initially, their mission was to create 100,000 social citizens — all using the platform to help create positive changes in their communities.

While ForGood doesn’t currently have a service for people to donate money to a cause, it asks people who want to make a financial donation to an organisation to contact that organisation directly — by clicking “connect” on their Cause Profile Page to make arrangements.

The teams said people who want to make a difference should no longer be confused about where they can go to offer their help.

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