Here’s what we’re reading (and watching) this week:

A Cry for Hope: Stories of Homeless Youth: With a new 100 Day Challenge kicking off in Baltimore, MD, it’s a perfect time to revisit a short film created by a homeless young person from the Charm City in 2014. The 100 Day Challenges are initiatives designed to help cities find innovative solutions to youth homelessness while working to house as many as young as possible.

Just Kids: When Misbehaving is a Crime: A new report from the Vera Institute of Justice explains status offenses (crimes that are only illegal because of a young person’s age) and how these unfair laws put thousands of kids behind bars each year. These laws criminalize normal kid behavior, such as talking back to teachers or being late to school, and disproportionately impact youth of color, LGBTQ youth, and girls.

‘This Really Opened My Eyes Up’: Hundreds of D.C. Students Study Abroad for Free: A new program in D.C. Public Schools allows students studying foreign languages the chance to study abroad and hone their skills—free of charge. Studying abroad is a valuable and enriching experience for students, but its prohibitively expensive for low-income families. D.C. Public Schools’ program aims to create equitable access to these programs.

Unrealized Impact: A new report from the New Schools Venture Fund sheds light on diversity, equity, and inclusion in education organizations. The results show the education sector—from school leaders to advocacy organizations and think tanks—has a long way to go to reflect the communities it serves.