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Hunger and Homelessness Are Widespread Among College Students, Study Finds
NPR reports on a Temple University and Wisconsin HOPE Lab study on students who experience food insecurity and homelessness on college campuses and how it impacts their lives and academic performance.

What Dreamers Mean to Schools
Raikes Foundation Education Director Zoe Stemm-Calderon explores what it could mean for schools and students if the 9,000 teachers who are protected under DACA are forced to leave their homes.

Memphis School Segregation Worse Than 50 Years Ago
Chalkbeat explores the 40 percernt increase in school segregation in Memphis since 1971, noting the national upswing in school segregation as well.

Government Watchdog Finds Racial Bias in School Discipline
A new report by the Government Accountability Office shows that black students are disproportionately disciplined at higher rates and more intensely than white students.