SEATTLE, May 21, 2024 / -- Giving Compass, a leader in philanthropic advisory services, today announced the launch of Giving Compass for Business. This sophisticated suite of products revolutionizes the way financial advisory firms and independent financial advisors guide clients in their philanthropic endeavors.

Giving Compass for Business provides financial advisors with the capability to offer personalized, data-driven philanthropic guidance, backed by the latest research and expert-curated content focusing on high-impact, grassroots initiatives. The philanthropic platform for financial advisors efficiently matches donors with these nonprofits, enhancing the advisory experience and positioning advisors as trusted experts in philanthropy.

"With Giving Compass for Business, we're not just introducing new technology; we're transforming how advisors and their clients can engage with philanthropy," explains Brandolon Barnett, Head of Innovation and Philanthropy at Giving Compass. "Our AI-driven tools are designed to strengthen donor relationships and facilitate impactful donor education putting articles on causes and philanthropic best practices, tools for planning giving, and nonprofit search all in one experience to make it easier to get information on hot to help address society's most pressing challenges. Key to the experience is a tool that nudges users toward education not just on the largest organizations but also underfunded but effective grassroots organizations."

The suite includes three product tiers—Pro, Enterprise, and API—catering to various levels of firm sizes and needs, ensuring that every financial advisor can benefit from the advanced features offered. The philanthropic platform for financial advisors streamlines the vetting process, allowing advisors to swiftly and confidently recommend nonprofits that align with their clients' values and financial goals.

“Our platform goes beyond simplifying the selection of trustworthy nonprofits; it champions a strategic approach to philanthropy. By helping clients set clear objectives and track the tangible impacts of their contributions, it fosters deeper engagement and loyalty,” said Dale Pfeifer, CEO of Giving Compass. This transparency not only enhances the significance of their philanthropic efforts but also ensures deeper, values-driven client engagement and lasting societal change.”

Giving Compass is an essential platform that empowers individual donors, who make up 80 percent of U.S. nonprofit giving according to Giving USA. Despite this, a 2023 Bank of America report finds many donors struggle to choose causes and nonprofits. Giving Compass addresses this by promoting informed giving that advances equity and addresses societal issues, offering educational resources and connections to trusted organizations, while also helping nonprofits and partners expand their reach and impact.

About Giving Compass
Giving Compass helps impact-driven donors transform their generosity into meaningful change for communities and society. As the premier donor platform, Giving Compass supports every stage of the journey of generosity for individuals and businesses. With AI-powered tools, it connects users to overperforming, underfunded nonprofits and delivers strategic insights from trusted giving experts, maximizing the impact of every gift. The platform boasts over 1.5 million page views and 77,000 monthly active users, demonstrating its extensive reach and engagement in the philanthropic community.

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