Getting involved in charities doesn’t have to mean pulling out your wallet. Although donations are incredibly helpful for charitable organizations, there are other ways for you to help. When you’re on a tight budget and don’t have the funds to help a cause, there is still plenty you can do to contribute to a charity:

Donate Blood
A very popular and easy way to help your fellow man is by donating blood. Not only is this free and convenient, but it can also save lives. There are so many rare blood types, which is why it’s imperative to have as many people as possible donate blood. Donating blood to organizations like Red Cross is easy and free.

Give Away Belongings
If there are clothes you haven’t worn in years or things gathering dust in the garage, donate them to people in need. There are many organizations that will accept donated goods such as canned food, clothing, shoes, and even furniture. Instead of throwing it away, donate it to an organization who can give it to someone in need.

Offer Your Skills
There are many skills and talents that can be helpful to nonprofit and charitable organizations. If you are great at photography, writing, accounting, cooking, or any other helpful skills, then think about offering your skills pro bono to a charity. Many organizations have a need for these special skills but can’t afford a staff membered to.

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