Do you want to know a secret?

If you’re in a bad mood, having a tough day, or just generally feeling down in the dumps, there’s a simple trick to instantly lifting your attitude.

Not only will this trick reverse your blues or blahs, but it can also lower your blood pressure, help you find more meaning in your life, help you sleep better, and even help you live longer (for real)! Better still, this trick doesn’t just make you feel better, it creates a ripple effect, changing the attitudes of those around you too.

Want to know the trick? Give back! Do something (anything!) for someone else. This might mean paying for the next person in line at the coffee shop or trying out a random act of kindness. It might mean helping a kid in need or offering assistance to someone at the store. It’s simple. It’s small, but it’s powerfully effective.

We all want to “give back” and “make a difference,” but all those words (including “philanthropy”) sound expensive, time consuming, and like something we hope someone (else) does.

But we do want to help our communities and people in need. Can we possibly make a meaningful difference AND fit service work into our hectic schedules?

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