"Invested in Empathetic Challenge," the second profile in the "Funding Performance" series, shares the story of how and why Impetus-PEF courageously raised the bar to advance its mission of improving the lives of disadvantaged youth in the UK. Under CEO Andy Ratcliffe's leadership, investment directors work hard to become a close ally and critical friend of the charity CEO so they can ask tough questions in the spirit of empathetic challenge.

You'll also learn how Impetus-PEF leadership, management, and staff are committed to learning from and improving their own performance. It's relatively easy to challenge grantees to improve their performance. It's much harder to be introspective about your own.

In this profile, we’ll dive into Impetus-PEF’s model to understand the financial and intellectual resources it brings to bear for helping organizations become higher performers. We’ll hear from grantees to gain their perspective on the benefits of and pain points in Impetus-PEF’s approach. We’ll examine how Impetus-PEF is tracking its own outcomes, not just supporting grantees to do so. And we’ll learn from mistakes that Impetus-PEF has made during this journey.

We hope you’ll come away from this profile with an understanding of how and why one funder has boldly adopted a relentless focus on performance. We aim to give you food for thought and impetus for action.

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