Performance Matters

High performance must be the norm if we are to make meaningful progress in addressing society’s most challenging problems.

The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community's Building the Case for Funders campaign promotes and encourages funders willing to support their grantees’ learning and improvement—and open to learning and improving themselves. We seek to influence funders of all types—from CEOs of multibillion-dollar private foundations to program officers at community foundations to donor families addressing a cause of personal significance.

The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community believes that mission and performance are inextricably linked. Ambassadors advance this “performance matters” message individually in their own work, and the community uses a number of distribution channels to spread the word within the field.

The Leap Ambassadors Community—practitioners, funders, policy makers, and instigators—evolved from market response to Leap of Reason, a book that inspired leaders in the social and public sectors to take bold action to create more meaningful, measurable good for those they serve. Since May 2011, “Leap Update,” a monthly newsletter published by Morino Institute, has provided insights, tools, and learning opportunities for those on the journey to high performance.

The community allows ambassadors to engage with each other, benefit from collective knowledge, share perspectives, seek assistance to continuously improve, and hear diverse views in a trusted space. The Leap Ambassadors Community collaboratively develops materials to benefit the field, including the Performance Imperative (PI), the Performance Imperative Organizational Self-Assessment (PIOSA), and a series of Ambassador Insights.

Stories shared here include those from the Leap Ambassadors Community and Morino Institute’s Leap of Reason initiative.

Leap Ambassadors Community

Rocky River, OH

Leap Ambassadors Community

Rocky River, OH
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