Q: What happens when 26 nonprofit leaders walk into a room to tackle the challenge of organizational performance?

A: A year-long peer-learning initiative in Pittsburgh that's a first-of-its-kind approach to continuous improvement for the region's nonprofit sector.

Last year, The Forbes Funds created the Pittsburgh Learning Circles Program, which brought together Pittsburgh-area nonprofits committed to accelerating their progress toward high performance—all supported by funders and mentors in the region's nonprofit sector.

Using the Performance Imperative and the Performance Practice as an anchor, the program guided organizations through a structured approach to reflect, discuss, and ultimately improve their organizations. Highly interactive learning circles met regularly to focus on key organizational disciplines of leadership, program management, and financial health.

This year-long, community-wide initiative is a powerful way to help nonprofits navigate the sea change happening in our region. It aligns multiple stakeholders with a strategic approach to build a community of practice that is transparent, inclusive, measurable, and accountable."

-Fred Brown, President, The Forbes Funds

Encouraged by the pilot program's outcomes, The Forbes Funds leaders are already planning an additional year.

Whatever area you call home, we hope you'll find inspiration in the Pittsburgh Learning Circles Program. And then share this powerful story of community engagement with others in your region.

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