Giving Compass' Take:

• B the Change highlights 10 financial institutions based out of Canada that invest in community from growing a business to buying a home to saving for retirement. 

• How can financial institutions in America learn from this article and support their communities? What areas are these companies finding they help out the most? 

Here's an article on how blended finance task force launches action plan.

When we think about where the money we earn goes and what it supports, there are few decisions that have a greater impact than where we choose to keep our money (or get a loan). When you do business with financial institutions that recognize their impact and make values-based decisions about how and where they spend their profits, you cast a vote for stronger communities.

Here are a few Canadian Certified B Corporations that offer financial services, from lending to investing to everyday banking, for people and businesses alike.

  1. Assomption Vie / Assumption Life
    Operating since 1903, Assumption Life provides insurance, investments and mortgage loans to help people take care of their (and their loved ones’) financial futures.
  2. Business Development Bank of Canada
    BDC is the only bank in Canada devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs, offering loans, equity investments and advisory services to real economy entrepreneurs across the country.

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