“Genius lives in all of us.” So says National Geographic‘s Chasing Genius platform, a community that the media company designed to help promote solutions to major world challenges, conceived by anyone, anywhere.

In a competition in 2017, the platform crowdsourced broad ideas for tackling global health, hunger, and environmental sustainability. In a new competition, the ideas focus on using technology and connectivity. Voting is open for the 10 finalists below; the winner will get $25,000.

  1. Using drones to find plastic landmines
  2. A donate button for Facebook posts
  3. An app to keep trash out of nature
  4. A “Turbo Tax for women's rights” in the Middle East
  5. Augmented reality for stroke recovery
  6. Digital Rehabilitation for developing countries
  7. A virtual reality game for kids with autism
  8. Underwater drones to track frogs
  9. Microchips for livestock
  10. AI for clean water

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